Cement plant hopper feed Bellows

What is
Cement plant hopper feed Bellows?

Cement plant hopper feed Bellows, wear-resistant canvas telescopic tube material is made of wear-resistant industrial canvas, lining round steel bracket.

Cement plant hopper feed Bellows ensure efficient, dust controlled discharging of dry, dusty bulk solids into open lorries or trucks.The loading spout has an inner conical shape that contains the flow of bellows material and the exterior provides dust removal.
The loading bellow is retracted before the tanker is placed below the silo. Feeding devices or valves are in closed position during this period. After the tanker is placed below the silo, the bellow is moved downside. When it reaches to the tanker inlet, it stops. After that product flow is started. The sensor of the bellow waits for the filling and stops the operation when the tank is full. The bellow is retracted again and stops.

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Characteristics and applications

Bulk expansion and contraction of the wear-resistant canvas telescopic tubes structure is simple and innovative, easy maintenance, advanced technical indicators, cross-sectional size is small, good sealing performance.

Wear-resistant canvas telescopic tubes are widely used in the fields of cement, metallurgy, building materials, electromechanical, chemical industry and so on, which have the advantages of breathable uniformity, dimension stability, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, long life and energy saving.

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As a member of SINOCSM Group, We provide loading bellow,open truck loading bellow,truck loading bellows,wear-resistant canvas telescopic tube,tanker loading bellows which are widely used for cement industry, steelmaking industry ,chemical industry and so on.

Open truck loading bellows with breathable uniform, dimensional stability, wear resistance, high temperature, corrosion resistance, long life, energy and other advantages.

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