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What is
disc feeder?

Disk feeder is also known as the disk to the mining machine. Disk feeder is a widely used continuous volume feeding equipment, which is mainly applied to the following 20mm powder ore.

Disk feeder is the use of material flow through the rotation of the disc and the adjustable drum and scraping the material from the container scraping to the receiving equipment, for a variety of non-sticky and not very good liquidity materials.

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Structure and composition

Disk feeder is divided into open (DK), closed hanging (DB), open-seat (KR), closed-seat (BR).

Disc feeder is made up of driving device, feeder body, metering belt conveyor and metering device. The feeder and the belt conveyor are driven by a driving device, and the electromagnetic clutch of the driving device has the function of realizing the opening, stopping and function conversion of the feeder. Belt conveyor belt speed measurement is less than 1m / s, in order to determine the belt speed with speed detection device, in order to prevent the deflection of the weighing roller equipped with a detection rod to adjust.

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uses of
disc feeder

As the name suggests, the main function of the disc feeder is to provide material supply to other equipment, the use of the disc feeder to allow the material evenly into a device so that the next process can work, save labor, and protect the equipment Performance, extend the life of the entire production line equipment.

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Material port design

Disk feeder port of the disc feeder is composed of the adjustable sleeve under the sleeve and the material receiving sleeve. The material falls from the receiving sleeve to the adjusting sleeve and is separated by the gap between the disc and the adjusting sleeve. Scattered out, and the scraper will be scraped off the material from the disc down.

Adjust the adjustment sleeve and disc gap size and adjust the location of the blade can be adjusted to achieve the purpose of the amount of feeding, the disc feeder from the hourly feeding rate and radius of the disc to determine the size of the sleeve and the sleeve Adjust the sleeve size, adjust the sleeve height adjustment is mainly fixed on both sides of the sleeve by rotating the threaded rod sleeve up and down movement.

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Disc feeder is suitable for the following 20mm powder feeding equipment. The disc feeder is composed of a driving device, a feeding machine body, a metering belt conveyor and a metering device.

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