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Disk feeder

The disc feeder is composed of drive device, feeder body, metering belt conveyor and metering device.

Disk feeder enterprise

disk feeder


The disc feeder is divided into open (DK), closed (DB), open (KR) and closed (BR). Adopt the motor to divide the alternating current motor and the governor motor, when using the variable speed motor should make up the difference. Disc feeder is applicable to the following 20mm powder ore feeding equipment. The disc feeder is composed of drive device, feeder body, metering belt conveyor and metering device.
The feeder and the belt conveyor are driven by a driving device, and the electromagnetic clutch of the driving device has the function of realizing the opening, stopping and function conversion of the feeder. Belt conveyor belt speed measurement is less than 1m / s, in order to determine the belt speed with speed detection device, in order to prevent the deflection of the weighing roller equipped with a detection rod to adjust.


The main function of the disc feeder is to provide material supply to other equipment, the use of the disc feeder can make the material evenly into a device so that the next process can work, save labor, and protect the performance of the equipment, To extend the life of the entire production line equipment. Disk feeder, mineral processing equipment is an indispensable accessory products.


1. Simple structure, reliable operation, easy adjustment and installation;
2. With limited torque hydraulic coupler, can start with full load, overload protection;
3. Light weight, small size, reliable work, long life, easy maintenance;
4. Maximum feed quantity up to 1200 tons / hour (coal);
5. Using the advanced plane enveloping two mule rod reducer design, large bearing capacity, high transmission efficiency;
6. The gap between the side lining board, the inclined lining board and the bottom plate can be adjusted, and the size of the reserved joint can be controlled accurately.
7. The driving device are arranged symmetrically, and the use of double push rod making machine, Aili balanced, smooth transmission, eliminate the phenomenon of reciprocating plate pendulum.
8. The floor has a vertical rib plate, roller bearing and three long, ensure the floor itself stiffness, eliminating the defect of the existing reciprocating feeder plate bending deformation in the work.
9. Lining plate made of small pieces of wear-resistant steel plate, so not only easy to replace the light, but also according to the actual wear and tear, targeted to replace the wear of the liner block, so that rational use of materials and reduce maintenance costs.


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