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Bucket elevators

TD series bucket elevator is a national standard bucket elevator.TH series bucket elevator is a commonly used lifting equipment.

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TD series bucket elevators is a national standard bucket elevator, the series bucket elevators and D series bucket elevators are used to enhance the material belt drive, there is no essential difference between the two machines. D series bucket elevator product model older and less model specifications.
TD series of bucket elevator is in the D series bucket elevators on the basis of product improvement, its specifications are TD100, TD160, TD250, TD315, TD400, TD500, TD630, TD800, TD1000 and other models, including TD160, TD250 , TD315 and other models for the commonly used models.
TH series bucket elevator is a commonly used lifting equipment, the series bucket elevator with forged chain as a transmission part, with a strong mechanical strength, mainly used for hoist powder and small particles and small pieces of material , Different from the TD series bucket elevator, the lifting capacity is greater, more efficient operation. It is often used for the lifting of larger proportions of material.

Bucket Elevators Definitions

Bucket Elevator – A bucket elevator, also called a grain leg, is a mechanism for hauling flowable bulk materials (most often grain or fertilizer) vertically.

Elevator Buckets – Buckets designed from different materials and in different shapes. Elevator buckets are attached to a bucket elevator and used for the purpose of moving different type of materials.

Bucket Conveyor – A bucket conveyor consist of endless chains or belts to which are attached buckets to convey bulk material in horizontal, inclined, and vertical paths.

Conveyor Belt – A conveyor belt is a continuous moving band of fabric, rubber, or metal used for moving objects from one place to another.

Elevating Conveyor – An elevating conveyor is any conveyor used to discharge material at a point higher than that at which it was received. Term is specific. applied to certain underground mine conveyors.

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